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Hice And Clyde Demand UGA Act on Professors’ Crisis Pregnancy Center Hit List

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Washington, July 8, 2022 | comments

WASHINGTON – Today Reps. Jody Hice (GA-10) and Andrew Clyde (GA-09) sent a letter to Jere Morehead, the President of the University of Georgia, demanding he take immediate corrective actions to ensure the university's official resources are no longer being used to target crisis pregnancy centers.

BACKGROUND: The "Crisis Pregnancy Center Map," a website created by two faculty members at the University of Georgia's College of Public Health, publishes the exact street addresses of pro-life clinics around the country, allowing users to identify the closest clinics to them. Although their website states that the map's purpose is "to provide local information about all of the crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S.," the website refers to them as "fake women's health centers." On the website's "FAQ" page, Drs. Swatzendruger and Lambert indicate that anyone can contact their team at It appears, at minimum, the university is providing resources for these faculty members to run this website. As a result of this project, domestic terrorist groups began sharing and using the professors' website to locate targets for criminal acts of violence and destruction.

Congressman Hice: “Since the Dobbs leak in early May, radical domestic terrorist groups have carried out violent targeted attacks against the pro-life movement across the country, resulting in unhinged criminal attacks – and fire bombings – of dozens of pregnancy crisis centers. These centers provide essential services to women and children in need, but they have become victims of violent left-wing terrorists. The unhinged Left will stop at nothing to eradicate anything – or anyone – who opposes their radical pro-abortion agenda. And unfortunately, the University of Georgia’s resources are being used by radical organizations to identify their next targets. The professors’ project is reckless and irresponsible. The University must take swift action to cut all ties with it.”

Congressman Clyde: “Unhinged rhetoric from radical abortion groups, members of Congress, and even the Biden Administration against Supreme Court Justices and pro-life organizations has gone completely unchecked for far too long — empowering individuals to dangerously take matters into their own hands in their murderous crusade against the unborn. From an assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh to dozens of attacks against crisis pregnancy centers, these violent criminal acts are increasing across the country,”

“It was not unrealistic to assume that the website developed by these UGA professors would be used by groups advocating for violence against pregnancy centers, and its continued existence allows for future risk at this tumultuous time,” Clyde continued. “While this academic project may seem to be rooted in innocence, providing the collated address data of these crisis pregnancy centers makes it unquestionably ripe for abuse. It is disappointing that the state’s flagship university is allowing taxpayer-funded resources to provide this sensitive information to extremist organizations that are actively targeting crisis pregnancy centers — endangering mothers, their children, and employees — some of whom may be members or alumni of the UGA student body. Given the current climate and flared tensions, it would behoove the University of Georgia to swiftly act in the interest of safety and take down this site before more violence and destruction connected to it occurs.”

Click here to read the full letter.


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