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Congressman Hice Statement on Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

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Washington, DC, May 12, 2021 | comments

“The Biden Border Crisis isn't the only thing the White House is behind the eight ball on. The recent ransomware cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline is affecting millions of Americans as prices at the pump are climbing and gas shortages are being reported across the Southeast. The pipeline closure is now in its fifth day, and we're still waiting on aggressive plan from the White House,” said Congressman Hice. 

“As you've surely noticed, gas prices have already skyrocketed 32% to a national average of $2.98 since January 2020 as a result of President Biden's liberal policies destroying America's energy independence. At this rate, national gas prices will soon be the most expensive since November 2014. Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order today that will suspend Georgia’s gas tax through Saturday after the shutdown led to a rise in fuel prices – according to the AJC, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Georgia on Tuesday was $2.87, up 11 cents from a week ago. In metro Atlanta, GasBuddy logged the price of a gallon at about $2.89, an increase of nearly 4 cents from the day before. From day one, President Biden has moved aggressively to appease climate change extremists by ending America's energy independence. His Administration consistently puts the interests of the few – radical Leftists, BLM, teachers’ unions, and illegal immigrants – over the majority of Americans. What we need now are strong conservative policies to keep more money in folks' pockets by lowering energy costs and pushing back against proposed tax hikes.”


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