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Washington, D.C., September 18, 2020 | comments

Your community needs your help! We promise it won’t take long.

The 2020 Census is ongoing right now. Unfortunately, the response rate in Georgia is among the lowest in the country due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year has thrown a major curveball for all of us – but an undercount of our population in the Census could hurt our state for the next decade.

Our communities need a complete and accurate count of how many people reside in our great state. The Census count determines everything from the regions represented by federal and state lawmakers to how much federal funding flows to our areas for schools, roads, hospitals, and many other important resources. Without your response, our tax dollars won’t be returned to our community.

Filling out the Census helps us serve you.

What is the 2020 Census?

The United States Constitution mandates a count of all persons across America be conducted every ten years. 2020 marks the 24th time we’ve counted our population since 1790. Today, the U.S. Census Bureau – a nonpartisan government agency – delivers a short questionnaire to every household across the nation. The Census Bureau is required by law to keep your personal information confidential, and your response is used only to calculate statistical data.

How is the Census taking place?

The Census will ask you to count each individual living in your household as of April 1, 2020. Each household can choose to respond in one of three easy and accessible ways – by phone, through the mail, or online. Completing the questionnaire only takes around 10 minutes. The Census has mailed or left at your door all the materials you will need.

Online: Simply visit and log in using the 12-digit Census ID found on the invitation you received in the mail.

Mail: Use the paid-postage envelope provide by the Census Bureau. You likely received the paper questionnaire in April.

Phone: Please dial (844) 330-2020 and simply follow the instruction provided. The Census Bureau is offering a callback option to avoid waiting on hold during periods of high call volume.

The deadline to respond is September 30th.

For additional information, including helpful how-to videos and frequently asked questions, please visit the official website:  

To speak directly with a Census help desk representative, call their hotline: 1 (301) 763-4636.

Please encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to fill out the 2020 Census and help us make sure that Georgia gets counted!


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