Democrats forced President Trump into finding alternatives to build the border wall

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Washington, September 17, 2019 | comments

Engaging with everyday Americans both in my congressional district in Georgia and across the Nation – from law enforcement to grieving “Angel Parents” of those murdered by illegal immigrants – has shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we must act now to address the crisis at the southern border.

Fortunately, President Trump and his administration have taken measured, legal steps to protect our country and close the dangerous loopholes in our immigration system. The simple truth is border security is national security, and the federal government’s foremost responsibility is maintaining the safety of the American people.

Tens of thousands of individuals rush our southwest border every month. The lack of control or even knowledge of who and what is coming into the United States creates a glaring vulnerability in our national security. While the flood of illegal immigrants has slowed due to President Trump’s immigration orders, horrific crimes like drug and human trafficking have not. The harm they have already caused to communities around the Nation is severe and widespread.

Moreover, our porous southern border presents an easy target. Our border patrol agents have limited resources to handle and manage the flow of migrants. That’s what makes building the border wall to continue curbing illegal traffic that much more important. While Democrats refused to even acknowledge any crisis until recently, they chose instead to aim their attention on spewing misinformation at every turn.

Time and again, House Republicans have sought funding to solve the emergency on our border, and time and again, House Democratic Leadership has refused. Left with no other option, President Trump has been forced into finding alternatives to protect our country, like utilizing military construction funding – a decision supported by the Pentagon and bolstered by federal courts.

Our Nation is at a crossroads. Our country’s immigration crisis has existed for decades, but it has now escalated to a dangerous state. We can either ignore this immense and growing problem, putting more Americans at risk, or we can choose to act and act swiftly. I’m glad that President Trump has chosen action, and I’m proud to support his determination to protect American citizens and restore the integrity of our national borders.

When all is said and done, we cannot continue placing band-aids on this wide-ranging, systematic crisis. Above all else, one thing is clear: It’s time for Congress to act.

Published in USA Today on Tuesday, September 17, 2019. 

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