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Washington, July 27, 2017 | comments

Washington, D.C. – With all the noise coming out of Washington lately, big-ticket items, like health care and tax reform, have been on the forefront of most of our minds. While these are important issues that we’re tackling, they’ve also drowned out some of the other valuable things that Congress is doing. With that in mind, I want to take the time to outline a few of my own legislative proposals that I’m very proud to be introducing in the coming months.

Just a few short weeks ago, the House passed Kate’s Law to crack down on sanctuary cities after witnessing the devastation that can arise from policies that effectively roll out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants. Perhaps even more shocking, however, are the loopholes in our legal system that allow these criminal aliens who are sex offenders to wander freely around our communities without being registered on sex offender rolls and without the knowledge of our law enforcement officials.

My bill, the Sex Offender Registration & Tracking Improvement Act (SORTIA) would require the Department of Homeland Security to collect extensive information about these offenders and share it with the Department of Justice, as well as local law enforcement, to ensure that these criminals are placed on sex offender registries. All sex offenders – regardless of immigration status – should be identified and registered. Public safety must not be a partisan issue, and I am proud to be introducing this bill soon.

Another measure that I’m working on is the Strengthening Aviation Security Act. Since 2001, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has aimed to increase the number of federal air marshals that they place on flights. However, in deciding which flights they are placed on, the Government Accountability Office found that the TSA fails to use a quantitative risk assessment to clearly demonstrate which flights are higher risk and therefore deserving of extra attention.

When it comes to protecting our skies, we need to use every method at our disposal. This includes both the qualitative professional judgement of experts and quantitative evidence-based strategies. The Strengthening Aviation Security Act would require that the Federal Air Marshal Service incorporate risk-based strategies in deciding domestic and international air marshal allocation.

Please know, although I’ll be heading down to Georgia for the August “recess,” my legislative and constituent work will continue. I’ll be taking meetings and visiting with folks across the district to hear what’s most important to you and discuss how we can move forward together. You may rest assured that my team and I are working day in and day out to enact meaningful legislation that will benefit the citizens of the 10th District, our state, and our great Nation.


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