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One of Congressman Hice’s top priorities in Congress is to grow the economy and create jobs, both in Georgia and across our country. We must pursue policies that will bring the American free enterprise system into the 21st century. Unfortunately, too often, burdensome federal regulations – from the EPA, the Internal Revenue Service, or the Department of Labor – prevent the very economic growth that we hope to achieve.

It is incumbent on Congress to seek meaningful regulatory reform so manufacturers, small business men and women, and our Nation’s innovators can put people back to work. Congressman Hice strongly opposes the culture of bailouts and stimulus plans that was so pervasive from the Obama Administration. These policies simply grow the size of the federal government and provide little genuine benefit to the private sector. We must never forget that it is the American free enterprise system – not the federal government – that made this country great.

At home, Congressman Hice takes an active role in bringing jobs and expanding the economy of Georgia’s 10th District. Over the past several years, he has met with executives considering relocating their businesses to Georgia to demonstrate all that the 10th District has to offer. In other cases, Hice has gone to bat for our district, working to ease unnecessary burdens from the federal government overregulation that have caused job losses. Finally, Congressman Hice’s office has worked with local employers to bring millions of dollars in grant funding and low-interest loans, creating jobs, and expanding opportunities along the way.


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Help with a Federal Agency

One of the most important things I do as a U.S. Representative is help people with federal problems. Although I cannot override the decisions made by a federal agency, I can often intervene on a person’s behalf to answer questions, find solutions, or just cut through the red tape. Please know that I cannot force an agency to act in favor of a constituent. However, I can help communicate the circumstances and request that they take appropriate actions to assist you. Click here for more information.