Oversight & Government Reform

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Congressman Hice is proud to serve as a member of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee – one of the most important committees in the U.S. Congress. Any organization the size of the federal government must have stringent oversight, and that is the role of the Committee. The Committee is committed to uncovering waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government and zeroing in on solutions to make the government work in a more efficient and effective manner. Congressman Hice introduced legislation – the Federal Employee Accountability Act – to address one area of waste within the government. If enacted, his legislation would end the practice of federal employees conducting union business instead of their normal jobs during the work day while on “official time.”

The Committee investigates a very broad range of issues, and Congressman Hice routinely participates in hearings that address illegal immigration, the IRS scandals, EPA mismanagement, and criminal justice reform. As a member of the full Committee, he also has the privilege of serving on the Health Care, Benefits, and Administrative Rules Subcommittee and serves as Vice Chairman for the National Security Subcommittee. Within these subcommittees, he has the opportunity to work with my colleagues on oversight of Obamacare as well as the resources dedicated to our safety and security. Representative Hice will continue using this position to advocate for a smaller, more accountable, and more efficient federal government.
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Help with a Federal Agency

One of the most important things I do as a U.S. Representative is help people with federal problems. Although I cannot override the decisions made by a federal agency, I can often intervene on a person’s behalf to answer questions, find solutions, or just cut through the red tape. Please know that I cannot force an agency to act in favor of a constituent. However, I can help communicate the circumstances and request that they take appropriate actions to assist you. Click here for more information.